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Google Drive can serve both as a repository from which users can "pull" files they need for their course and also a portfolio into which they can "push" files they want to keep. Both options need to be enabled by the administrator before they are available for teachers and students.

Access controlled links

Students may submit files from Google Drive as 'access controlled links' in assignments. Once submitted, the student may no longer change them, but the teacher is allowed to edit them.

Teachers may display files from Google Drive as 'access controlled links'. The teacher can then continue updating the files, but students can only view them.

To enable this feature, ensure that:

  1. A system account has been connected in OAuth 2 services in Site administration. This account will own and control access to files submitted by students and teachers. Teachers will be able to edit the files but students will not. This should be a dedicated account for this purpose.
  2. "Supported files" is set to "Internal and External".
  3. "Default return type" is set to "External (only links stored in Moodle)".

Getting ("pulling") your files from Google Drive

  • From the file picker, click on the Google Drive link and a prompt to log in will appear:
  • If it is your first time, the click the "Allow access" button to log in
Log into your account
Allow access
  • Your files will display for you to choose from.
  • You can view them in three ways by clicking one of the options at the top right.
Icon view
Table view
List view

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