File system repository

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The file system repository allows access to files which have been uploaded (e.g. via FTP) into designated folders on the server. (Note that these folders are not created inside the Moodle site, but on the server where Moodle is hosted.)

When a file from the file system repository is re-used elsewhere on Moodle, the teacher has the option to make a copy (a new, unconnected version) or to create a shortcut or alias. See Working with files for more details.

Once a repository has been created and files uploaded to it, the files can be made available within the file picker for use within a course. There are several steps to take to implement this feature:-

Using a File System repository file

A user can now make use of the uploaded files by accessing the repository from within the file picker, creating a resource link to a document, for example. This process copies the uploaded file into Moodle and students may access the resource.

It's possible to search the files in the File system repository to make locating files easier if there are many files available.

Searching the file system repository

Note that file types are respected (based on file extensions), so if you are adding an image in the editor, then you won't see Office docs (for example) appear in the File Picker.

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