Activity names auto-linking filter

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The Activity names auto-linking filter is a site Filter that will create links to an activity whenever the name of the activity is written in texts within the same course in which the activity is located. This includes forum postings, pages, labels etc.

Disabling Activity Auto-linking

If you do not want the name of an activity to be automatically linked, there are several ways you can disable it.

Disable the Activity Auto-linking Filter

You can disable the filter either on a specific activity, or for the course as a whole. To disable for a specific activity, open the activity and then click on the Filters link in the Administration block under Activity Administration. To disable for the entire course page, start from the main course page and then click on Filters in the Administration block under Course Administration.

Disable a single instance of auto-linking

If you generally prefer auto-linking, but there is one particular place you do not want it to be applied you can use the "No Link" button in the text editor. Select the word(s) that would be auto-linked and then click the button to apply it.

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