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Groups import provides a simple, easy way to create groups from a spreadsheet (CSV). However, this does NOT enroll students into the groups. Only the Moodle site administrator can enroll students in groups via an upload file.

The best way to Import Groups is to use the Bulk Enrolments plugin.

To import groups

  • Create a CSV file and input the usernames or email addresses of the students you want to assign to groups
  • After each username or email address write a comma and then write the names of the groups (no spaces)


  • Go to Participants on your course page, click the gear button, and click Import Enrolls.


  • Input the correct settings for your import
    • Select whether you inputted usernames or email addresses on your CSV
    • Select role as Student
    • Select yes to assign to groups
    • If creating new groups select yes to create groups
  • Choose your CSV file and click import file


This should provide you with users sorted into desired groups. To see a live screencast of the steps watch this screencast

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