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Filters can be used to add links, insert multimedia players, convert Mathematical expressions or emoticons into images and more.

A filter may be enabled at the site level and then removed as needed at the course or activity level. Thus a teacher can disable glossary auto-linking in a quiz for example. Watch this screencast for further details.

Standard filters

Filters in Moodle include:

Contributed filters

Filters have also been made by developers in the community. Here are the ones Carleton currently uses:

  • ChemRender - Render 2-D and 3-D molecular structures and spectra from open chemical data files
  • Multiembed Filter - Facilitates embedding of third-party content from a growing list of service providers (e.g. Prezi, Haiku Deck, etc.)
  • Shortcodes - Allows users to inject and modify content using shortcodes provided by other plugins

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