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The multimedia filter embeds MP3 files in a streaming player made with Flash. A larger MP3 player is used when an MP3 file is added as a file or URL resource and a smaller MP3 player is used when an MP3 file is linked to from within a forum post or any other text area using the Moodle media button in the text editor or by typing the URL of the MP3 file.

Tips and tricks

Inserting sounds into questions

Quiz question with sound

Method to get the Flash player only, and no link to open an external player:

  1. In the question text, type "Listen to this sound xxx and say what you heard."
  2. Select xxx
  3. Click on the Insert Web Link button
  4. Give the address of your MP3 file
  5. Toggle HTML source and view the result, something like this: Listen to < a href="http://moodle/file.php/2/audio/trumpet.mp3" >xxx< /a > and say what you heard.
  6. Delete xxx

The student can then only use the Flash player.

Temporarily disable the MP3 player

  • You can surround your link with <nolink></nolink> tags to stop any kind of processing including the multimedia filters that create the MP3 player. This may be useful when linking to external MP3 files with characters in their name that Flash cannot understand.
TIP: Be careful with the no link tags or any user written HTML code. The Text editor may eliminate some of your work if you use the editor in the future. The text editor tries to tidy things up for the new user but this can frustrate an experienced user of HTML code.
NOTE: This does not work for something like the following inserted into a page resource.

<nolink><a href=""> The_file.mp3</a></nolink> , however you can stop the multimedia filter from showing when linking to files by adding ?forcedownload=1 to the end of the link.

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