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The Guest access plugin allows users with the Guest role to view the contents of a course. This might be used, for example, if a Moodle site serves as a website where certain courses contain publicly available information, or else with a commercial Moodle site where courses with guest access can offers a "taster" of the kind of courses which may be purchased.

Note: Guests cannot view or participate in any activities; they can only view content. Therefore, it is not a good role for collaborators or visiting lecturers in a course.

Course settings for guest access

  1. In Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods, enable Guest access by clicking on the "eye" icon or by choosing it in the 'Add method' dropdown menu.
  2. If you wish to set a password, then click the configure icon and type in your password here.
Setting password from Enrolment methods page

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