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Can I make a wiki that my students can read but not edit?

  • Although you used to be able to do this in older versions of Moodle, it's not really in the "spirit" of a wiki and is no longer possible without tweaking permissions. A Book module might do the job just as well, or a simple Page resource.
  • However, if you really need to do this then remove the student role from mod/wiki:editpage and mod/wiki:createpage when you create your wiki. See forum discussion here: [1]

Students can't see each others wikis

If you have set the wiki to "individual", then only you the teacher and each individual student can see them. If you would like them to collaborate on a wiki, choose the collaborative option. However, this will just give one wiki for all the students.

How can I grade my students' wikis?

There is no in-built grading facility in the wiki but you can manually add a grade item in the Grader report called (for example) "yourwikiname" and enter your grades there.

Can I export a wiki?

While it was possible in earlier versions of Moodle to export wikis, for instance as zipped files, this is not the case in 2+. There is a tracker entry here MDL-24439

Can I reset a wiki?

Yes. Wiki pages may be deleted (along with removing tags and deleting comments.)

Why are embedded videos displaying twice in my wiki?

See the forum thread on ways to avoid duplicate video displays:

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