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This page is about how to add badges to a course or the site and how users can access their badges. For managing badges which have already been added, see Managing badges.

Adding a course badge

A teacher can add badges from Administration > Course administration > Badges > Add a new badge.

Badge details

Add a name and description and upload your badge here.

Issuer details

If you add the teacher name here, it will appear when the badge is displayed. An email address is optional.

Badge expiry

Set a date here if the badge will cease to be valid after a certain date. Leave it to never if you want the badge to be permanently displayed.

Adding a course badge
Example of an expired badge
  • When the settings are saved, you are then taken to the Manage badges screen where you can decide the criteria for awarding the badge.


  • For course badges, the criteria are: Manual issue by role; course completion and activity completion.
  • When selecting Manual completion by role, you can choose the role you wish to award the badge, so for example a teacher could allow a non-editing teacher to award badges in the course.
  • For badges to be awarded for course or activity completion, Activity completion must be enabled in the site and the course.

It's possible to add a description of the criterion/criteria to provide more information or relevant links.

Criterion description field
  • Once criteria have been set, you are returned to the Manage badges screen where you must "enable access" for the badge to be available:

Awarding the badge

Badge recipients

Badges may be awarded manually from Course administration > Badges > Manage badges > Recipients and clicking the "Award badge" button.

For information on the Overview, Edit details, Message and Recipients tab, see Managing badges.

Tip: If your site has a large number of users, it's easier to search for email addresses than names.

Revoking a badge

If a badge is awarded my mistake, it may be revoked from the 'Badge recipients' page. Click the badge in question, click the Award button, select the person whose badge you wish to revoke and click 'Revoke'.

Only badges which were awarded manually may be revoked.

Earning badges

  • Once all criteria are set and badge creator is happy with badge details and settings, site users can start earning it. For users to be able to earn a badge, a badge creator/administrator needs to enable access to this badge on a badge overview page or "Manage badges" page (as shown on the picture).
  • Normally badges are awarded to users automatically based on their actions in the system. The completion criteria of an active badge are re-calculated every time an event such as completion of a course or activity, or updating user profile happens. If a user has completed all necessary requirements they are issued a badge and sent an email notification.

Only badges with enabled access are available to users and can be earned!

Earning a badge

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