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Why can't I get my URL to open in a new window?

The default settings for displaying a URL resource are: Automatic, Embed, Open or Popup. However, there are other display options too which the site admin can select from Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > URL If you don't have the option to display your URL in a new window, check this setting has been enabled.

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On Carleton's Moodle server the default display setting is "New Window", however you can also choose "Automatic" or "Embed" options.

How can I change the top frame size when displaying a URL in a frame?

  1. Login as an admin and go to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > URL.
  2. Change the 'Frame height' setting.
  3. Click the 'Save changes' button.

Can I change URL to something else, like weblink for example?

  • If you think your teachers would prefer a different term then if you have administrator privileges, go to Settings > Site Administration > Language > Language customisation.
  • If appropriate, choose your language and then click "Check out strings into the translator".
  • Select from mod: URL.php and change the text you wish there.

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