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Use Moodle to find course information, track assignment due dates and plan your work. Many of these features depend on how your instructor has configured your course, and may not be available to you if the instructor has not configured their course page. At Carleton, faculty are not required to use Moodle for their course.

Finding Courses

All Carleton courses can use Moodle, but it's up to your instructor to choose to do so. Moodle course pages are hidden from students by default and will not be visible to students until the instructor makes the course page available.

All courses will be available from your Moodle Dashboard, or in the My Courses menu in the blue header at the top of every page.

Customize your Dashboard by clicking the "Customize this page" link in the upper right corner of the page. You can add, remove and move blocks to suit your preferences.

Student Dashboard

Uploading Assignment Submissions

Moodle can accept most document types, although you may need to package executable files in a zip package. Your Instructor may restrict the types of files they will accept, please read the instructions carefully. You can drag your file on the Drag-n-drop area to upload to Moodle as long as it is less than 600 MB.

If your instructor set a cut-off date for the assignment, you will no longer be able to add your submission to the assignment. In that case, please contact the professor about how to turn in your assignment late.

Assignment Submission

What if my file is over 600MB?

If you need to submit large files, you can use the Google Integration with Moodle. Store your file in your Google Drive and then use the Moodle File Picker to link to your file. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Add Submission page, Click the File Picker button
  2. Select Google Drive in the left-hand column
  3. Click the blue Login to My Google Drive button and authenticate with your Carleton Google account
  4. Browse your Google Drive and select the file you wish to submit
  5. Click the blue "Select this file" button to add to your Assignment Submission
  6. Click the blue "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the Moodle page

This will turn in a copy of your file to your instructor. You will retain your original file, but any changes made to it will not be reflected in the copy submitted to your instructor.

Finding Grades

Instructors have the option of returning grades and feedback to you through Moodle. There are a number of different places you will find your grades depending what kind of assignments you complete on Moodle.

Assignment Grades & Feedback

Assignment grades and feedback will generally be found in the assignment itself. Scroll down past your original submission to find it. You may get a notification email from Moodle when your instructor uploads your grades or feedback, but not always.

Assignment Feedback

Quiz Grades & Attempts

If the instructor allows you to review you your quiz attempts and grades, they will be available to you when you open the Quiz. Instructors can configure a quiz to not show you grades or feedback, and they can control when you would see this information. So if you do not see your previous quiz attempts, please ask your instructor about it.

Quiz Attempts

Course Grades

The full course gradebook is not available to students unless the instructor reveals it. If you cannot see your grades links, please contact your instructor to ask if they will make it available to you.

Gradebook links

Subscribe to Moodle Calendar in Google

If you subscribe to your Moodle calendar in Google, your assignment due dates will appear on your Google Calendar. Personal events, such as Scheduler meeting appointments will NOT appear in the subscription feed because it is an unauthenticated link. Though the subscription will be updated with new course events, it is only valid for 365 days, after which you will need to re-subscribe. Please see the page on Using the Moodle Calendar for details on how to subscribe to your calendar in Google.

Information on how to subscribe to your Moodle calendar in other applications can be found on the Using Calendar page.