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  • ...te a new role - such as "NoChat" and apply it in the system context to the student(s) you want to prevent from chatting: #Click on the new "NoChat" role and assign your chosen student(s) this role
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  • ...o it is helpful to give it a name that suggests its purpose - for example "Student council discussion" or "Field trip planning meeting".
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  • [[File:choicestudentview.png|thumb|center|500px|Student view of choice]]
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  • Think carefully about whether (and how) you wish student to see the responses. 'Publish' simply means 'display to students'.
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  • *Staff with the relevant capabilities can review student learning plans and view any evidence of prior learning students submit. For *A student can also see (but not change) the competencies linked to a course from the
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  • ...will display as Evidence at the bottom of the competency in question in a student's learning plan. A manager or other user with the capability moodle/compete *However, they will not be alerted that the evidence is available, so the student should request a review, as below.
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  • ...mpetency breakdown report allows teachers to view the competencies of each student in their course, along with their ratings.
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  • ...list of values that are deemed "proficient" need to be listed so that the student can see at a glance, which competencies have been achieved and which have n ...lete when all children are complete' will award the parent competency to a student when he has successfully completed the course activities.
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  • [[Image:CompletionProgressBlock.png|A progress bar for a student|300px]] * It visually shows what activities/resources a student is supposed to interact with in a course.
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  • It is against FERPA and College Policies for faculty to keep student records, and therefore faculty are not allowed to include Users in their Mo ...earlier versions of Moodle, a way of rolling a course forward without past student activity
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  • ...t a phrase that must appear in the string. For example, if you put a word 'student' here, you will get only those strings that contain this word.
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  • ...te" by either the student and/or teacher. The report can also show if the student has completed another course(s) that is marked as a "completion dependent" *[[Activity completion]] - restrict access to an activity based upon student performance
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  • The would have to be controlled by your Student Information System (SIS) which manages enrollments, if you have one. ==I made a mistake and had to erase my student data. Do my students have to redo the activities?==
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  • ...ompleting the course you are currently working in. This does not block the student from your current course; it simply means that the current course will not If you tick "Enable" here then the course will be marked complete once the student is unenrolled.
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  • ...port can have some interactive elements in the form of check boxes for the student and teacher. ==Student view of Course completion status block==
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  • [[File:selfenrolment.png|thumb|500px|center|Student self-enrols into a course.]] ...ton into your course, it is recommended that you manually enroll them as a Student. To allow access to someone from outside of Carleton, see the next section
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  • ...o meta course B, and you then link B as a child course to meta course C, a student enrolled in A will be added to B, but not to C. In this situation, you woul
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  • ==What a student sees== *The course overview is displayed on a student's dashboard and displays two tabs: Timeline and Courses.
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  • When a student enters an unassigned course using the course block, they will be asked to e
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  • ...n. Subsequent columns contain the names of any groups you want to add each student to. ...entifier, usually their email address but it can also be their userid, or student ID number.
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