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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Quiz FAQ]]
*[[Quiz activity]]
==Any further questions?==
==Any further questions?==

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How can questions be shared between courses?

See How to let teachers share questions between courses.

If I change a question in the question bank, will it be changed in all the quizzes it appears?

Yes. See Tim Hunt's forum post

Is there a way to set the default for essay questions on our site to allow uploading of one attachment?

The only way to change this at the moment is by editing the code.

In question/type/essay/edit_essay_form.php, find where it sets the default for 'attachments' to 0, and change that to 1.

Note that, after changing the data in the DB, you will need to go to admin -> plugins -> caching and purge the Question definitions cache. Or just purge all caches.

Why do some students correctly guess the answers for questions with images in them?

File:Questions with revealing and non-descript titles.png
Example where top image gives the answer (amyloidosis), bottom image has non-descriptive title (img1)

When you insert an image in a question, make sure that the image title doesn't give away the answer, as it is displayed when mousing over the image.

How do I create system-wide question categories?

  1. As an administrator or user with system permissions, go to Question bank > Categories in any course.
  2. Using the "Add category form" at the bottom of the page, set the parent of the new category to be the system context.

How can students upload images to an Essay question?

When creating the question, in the section Response format, choose "HTML editor + uploaded files."

See also

Any further questions?

Please post in the Quiz forum on

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