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           <div class="caption">
           <div class="caption">
             <h4>Badges and groups</h4>
             <h4>Badges and groups</h4>
             <p>Filter by group when manually awarding badges</p>
             <p>Filter by group when manually awarding badges</p>
[[Category:New features 2020-21]]
[[Category:New features 2020-21]]
[[Category:Moodle 2020-21]]
[[Category:Moodle 2020-21]]

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Moodle 3.8 focuses on H5P and Forum Grading.

Read on for Moodle 3.8 highlights, or watch our Youtube playlist of 3.8 New features.

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.8 release notes.

For all users


H5P interactive content

Engage with interactive content in Pages, Labels, Books and more. See H5P


Forum grading

Submit forum posts for assessment and view your grades.


Course overview

Filter by custom course fields in the Course overview


New forum view

Select and test a new experimental nested discussion view from the forum preferences page


Forum grading

Assess forum discussions with Whole forum grading, using direct or advanced grading


Forum export and summary report

Export forum discussions and view a detailed summary report of student activity


Embed H5P content

Link to or upload existing H5P interactive content


Analytics bulk actions

Bulk select and send messages to students from the Insights report


Question bank

View question ID numbers and tags and benefit from a new Edit menu


Badges and groups

Filter by group when manually awarding badges