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[[Image:NavBlock32.png|Navigation block in a course|250px]]
[[Image:NavBlock32.png|Navigation block in a course|250px]]
[[Category:Moodle 2017-18]]
[[Category:Moodle 2017-18]]
[[Category:Moodle 2018-19]]

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While the Boost theme does not need the navigation block, other themes such as Clean, the More theme or themes from the Plugins directory might still require it.

  • If enabled, the navigation block will appear on every page of the site. It contains an expanding tree menu which includes Dashboard, Site Pages and Courses. What appears in the navigation block depends on the role of the user, where they are in the Moodle site, and any settings that have been applied globally.
  • If the Dashboard is forced and the navigation block hidden, students will find it harder to see courses they are not enrolled in.

Here are examples of the navigation block: Navigation block in a course