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* See [ this forum thread] for the instructions.
* See [ this forum thread] for the instructions.
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A HTML block is a standard block used to add text, multimedia, widgets etc to a site front page or course page. The title bar may be left blank if desired. See the screecast: The HTML block

Two HTML blocks from

The block is flexible and can incorporate a variety of functions and uses in the content area. It has the standard Moodle Text editor for formatting text, adding images or creating links, switching to code view and allows any valid HTML mark-up to be used. This enables embedding video, sounds and other files which can add unique elements to a course or site page.

Adding a Twitter feed block

An HTML block can be used to display the latest tweets from any Twitter account.

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the Twitter username e.g. moodledev then click the 'Create widget' button
  4. In another tab or window add a new HTML block to your Moodle front page or course page
  5. Configure the new block, adding a title if desired
  6. Click the 'Edit HTML source' button (< >) then copy and paste the code provided by Twitter into the HTML source
  7. Click the 'Save changes' button

Twitter feed block.png

Adding an analog clock block

Analog clock HTML block.png