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What is a grouping?

A grouping is a collection of groups. When you have made groups in a course you have the option of adding them to a grouping. A single grouping can house one group or several groups.

Note that since you can have a group of only one member, you can therefore have a grouping of only one member too, if you wish to restrict an activity to a single person in your course.

Groupings were designed to allow a selection of different sets of groups in each activity. See Groupings for an example scenario.

What is the difference between a group and a grouping?

A group is a set of users. A grouping is a set of groups.

Why would I use groupings?

You can use groupings to manage different sets of groups for different assignments in your course. For example, you can use Grouping 1 to pair students up for a small group assignment, and then use Grouping 2 to have students in groups of 5 for small group discussions.

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