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The Course meta link plugin makes it possible for one course, called a metacourse, to bring in enrolments from other courses. The Course meta link plugin needs to be enabled both on the site level by the site admin and has to be enabled within the course.

Course settings for Course meta link

  • In a course, go to the Participants page, click the Gear Icon in the upper right and choose Enrolment methods.
  • Click the dropdown menu under the enrolment methods and select 'Course meta link'.

Course meta link1.png
  • In the screen that comes up next, either type in a search term to find your course, or select from the dropdown box the course or courses you wish to bring enrolments from, and then click 'Add method':
Several courses may be selected at once
  • For each linked course, the users may be added to an existing group in the new course, or a new group may be created for them. (Groups from the linked courses are not synced to groups in the new courses. All users will be added to one group when the link is made.)
Note: A teacher in a course will only be able to choose from courses they are teachers in elsewhere.
  • The users from the source (child) course will now be enrolled in the current course - see the numbers in the screenshot below:


  • When new users are enrolled to the source (child) course, they will be automatically brought into the current target (meta)course.

Examples of meta-linked courses

Created - a child course and a meta course.
Associating one child course and one meta course.

Examples: one "child" course (a course linked to a meta course) can be associated with many meta courses. Or one meta course can have many child courses associated with it. Both the child courses (non-meta courses) and the meta courses are independent and can be recycled many times, that is, each can be associated with many of the other.

2 child courses and a meta course.
1 child course and 2 meta courses.
3 child courses and 2 meta courses.

There is one limitation: you cannot 'nest' metacourses. In other words, if you have child course A linked to meta course B, and you then link B as a child course to meta course C, a student enrolled in A will be added to B, but not to C. In this situation, you would need to add a meta link directly between A and C instead of trying to nest them. (Another option might be to use Cohorts.)

See also

Some known issues:

  • MDL-34938 - Important Open Issue: Enrolment expiration date settings in child course do not properly unenrol students from the Meta-course
  • MDL-27628 - A workaround in the tracker for adding more than one course at a time

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