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The Buttons course format is a contributed code module. It creates a menu with buttons in JavaScript to access the sections, one by one. It has features to create group of sections (example: modules, period) and change the button colours.

At any time, only one section is visible and the user can change the current section by clicking on the corresponding button.


  • When creating a new course, select ' Buttons format ' in the ' Course format ' dropdown menu.
  • To select the format, simply choose it from the list of course formats in the course settings.


  • Fill the available options:


  • Choose the number of sections, or leave the default of 10 sections.
  • Choose where you want the first (zero) section (which has the default 'Announcements' forum) positioned: Either ' Above the list buttons ' or ' Below the visible section '.
  • Write the titles for all the groupings you will use and the number of sections that each one will have. If a group has only one section, the icon will be (...).
  • Write the hexadecimal colour for the current section button and the visible section button (or leave it empty to use the default value).

A new empty course

  • A new, empty course in the buttons format will show the (number of) buttons, that lead to nowhere...


  • The 'number of sections' is actually the number of buttons that will be visible, e g, 9 in the following example:


  • The image below shows the settings used to produce the above image:


Populating the sections inside your course

  • When you build each section inside your buttons format course, remember that the very first section will be the first section inside grouping 1. In this example, the introduction:


  • And each course section will be used for each remaining section for each existing grouping.
  • So, in the above example, the Section # 2 of the course will actually be the part 1 of module 1:

Buttons course format 9 buttons section 2.png


  • How can I know the hexadecimal code for the ______ colour that I want for the buttons?

Look at a colours table in the wikipedia. ...


Plugin author: Rodrigo Brandão.

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