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|[[File:coursebadgenav1.png|thumb|Viewing course badges]]
|[[File:Badges_settings1.png|thumb|Viewing course badges]]
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===Enable course badges===
===Enable course badges===
Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.
Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.
[[Category:Moodle 2018-19]]
==Badges capabilities==
There are a number of capabilities associated with badges:
*[[Capabilities/block/badges:addinstance|Add a new My latest badges block]]
*[[Capabilities/block/badges:myaddinstance|Add a new My latest badges block to the dashboard]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:awardbadge| Award a badge]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:configurecriteria|Set up criteria for awarding a badge]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:configuredetails|Set up and edit badge details]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:configuremessages|Configure badges messages]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:createbadge| Create or duplicate badges]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:deletebadge| Delete badges]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:earnbadge|Earn badges]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:manageglobalsettings | Manage badges site administration settings]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:manageownbadges|View and manage your own earned badges]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:viewawarded|View users who earned a specific badge without being able to award a badge]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:viewbadges |View badges without earning them]]
*[[Capabilities/moodle/badges:viewotherbadges|View public badges in other users' profiles]]
[[de:Auszeichnungen konfigurieren]]
[[es:Configuraciones de insignias]]

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Individual user settings

  • A user can manage badges from Navigation>My profile>My badges.
  • A user can view available course badges from Navigation>Current course>Badges.
Viewing course badges

Viewing the badges of other users

A student can view other students' course badges by going to Navigation>Participants and clicking on the course profile of a chosen user. Badges are visible in the short (course) profile.

Course administration settings

  • A teacher can add and manage badges in their course if the administrator has enabled course badges in Site administration>Badges settings.
  • They will see a link to badges in Course administration>Badges. where badges may be managed and added.

Site administration settings

  • Badges are enabled by default and can be disabled in 'Advanced features' in the Site administration. (Note that disabling the feature once badges have been awarded does not prevent those badges being verified by external backpacks.)
  • The site settings for badges are located in 'Badges settings in the Site administration.

Default badge issuer

Here you set the name and email address of the issuer. The name will appear where the badges are displayed and might typically be the name of the organization.

Salt for hashing recipient's email address

If a hash is used (numbers and letters only) then backpack services can confirm a badge earner without exposing their email address.

Enable connection to external backpacks

This should be enabled in order to connect to an external backpack provider such as the Open Badges backpack.

Enable course badges

Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.