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Note: Since Moodle 3.2, the Administration block has been replaced by a navigation drawer used with the Boost theme.

While the Boost theme does not need the Administration block, other themes such as Clean, the More theme or themes from the Plugins directory might still require it.

The Administration block may be added to provide context-sensitive links to settings pages.

What appears in the Administration block depends upon where the user is and what role they have in that location. For example, a site administrator on the front page will have Front page settings while a teacher in a course will have more options in Course administration than a student.

Here are examples of the Administration block:

Note: In Moodle 3.2, the Competencies and Grades links have been moved from the Administration block to the Navigation block (or nav drawer if using Boost) so that the Administration block does not need to be shown to students.

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