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Starting in 2016-17, it is possible for people who do not have email addresses to login to our Moodle server using their own Gmail account (either institutional or personal). For example, people with accounts can use the Gmail login instructions below.

If access to a Gmail account is not possible, please contact Academic Technologies for assistance.

Logging into Carleton's Moodle with Gmail

>>> People with email addresses should use the [Carleton Login] button to access our Moodle server! <<<

1. Go to Carleton's Moodle server at

2. Click the [Non-Carleton Accounts] button towards the bottom of the login page


3. Click the red [Log in with Google] button


4. Use Google's authentication screens to login to your Google account

5. Click the blue [Allow] button to allow Carleton's Moodle server to connect to your account

Enrolling Non-Carleton Accounts in your Course

The instructor for the course must enroll your account manually to their course page AFTER you have logged into our server and created your Carleton Moodle account. Instructors can use the standard manual enrollment instructions to search for and enroll your Carleton Moodle account in their course site.